Ultra-Premium White Balsamic

$ 14.00

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Small - 200ml - 6 oz.
Mini - 60ml - 2 oz
Medium - 375ml - 12 oz
Large - 750 ml - 25 oz

Exclusively made for our discerning consumers from a combination of Italian Trebbiano, Albana, and Montuni grapes, our Ultra-Premium White Balsamic is the highest quality white balsamic condiment grade in the world.  

Using only the sweetest clusters of grapes grown in the region of Modena, Italy, they are hand-picked for maximum Brix content.  In a family-sustained, old-artisan method, the grapes are dried in the sun for 15 days for evaporation and enhancement of the natural sugars, flavor, and body.  Through natural fermentation, this unique blend of white grape must is combined with 100% Italian Barrel Aged White Wine Vinegar.  

The traditionally cooked grape must is lightly filtered to remove any skins from the cooked must before being placed into new white oak barrels for maturation and aging to an amazing 1.28 density and 4% acidity.  Consistent with our commitment to quality and purity of Ultra-Premium standards, it is certified to be free from any additives including thickening agents, colors, dyes, preservatives, and sugars from any source other than grape must.


Country of Origin:  United States and Italy