The finest quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars

Olive Oils

Whether you are looking for best quality extra virgin olive oil for cooking or frying, or infused olive oils, you can shop from Green Olive Company’s choicest range. We strive to bring to our customers – premium and authentic flavours that are sourced from our impeccable producers. We maintain high standards of purity; all our products are tested and certified according to U.S and International Standards.


Extra Virgin

Olive Oil


Olive Oil


Olive Oil


Olive Oil


Green Olive Company offers the best range of Balsamic Vinegars that have been created to render a rich, thick, and complex texture with a balanced proportion between delicious sweetness and natural tartness. Choose from a range of flavoured balsamic vinegars like Blackberry, Cinnamon Pear, Espresso, Lavender, and dark chocolate Balsamic Vinegars to either add depth to your sauces and soups or create classic vinaigrettes for your salads or veggies! They also serve as excellent marinades for your meats by aiding in their tenderization.

Dark Balsamic


White Balsamic





 Our artisanal collection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar gift sets are a new and modern way of gifting health.  Green Olive Company provides custom packages that are sure to delight friends and family and help maintain healthy habits while having fun in the kitchen.

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Four times a year, we’ll send you the finest, freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the season from around the world


The date of your initial purchase will be your billing date every quarter. For example, if you purchase your subscription on July 10th, you will be billed Oct.10th

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Please email us at and let us know if you’d like to cancel just the next quarterly shipment, or to close your account.

About Us

Located in Columbus Ohio, Green Olive Company offers a wide variety of the finest quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  We source our products from choicest producers and ensure that our menu of gourmet oils and vinegars is authentic, flavorful, fresh, and unique.  We are committed to making the customer shopping experience the most unique and educational. Give the gift of health with our gift packages, adding flavor and fun to any kitchen.

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Q1. Do you ship to Canada or outside the US?

We currently only ship within the US and its territories.

Q2. What if my shipment arrives damaged?

We take great care to package your olive oils so they arrive in perfect condition. Should something get damaged in transit, please email us at so we can assist.

Q3. Are olive oils and vinegars vegan and vegetarian?

All of our oils are 100% vegan, and all of our vinegars are 100% vegetarian.

Q4. What are your products standards?

We strive to offer you the best vinegars and freshest olive oils from around the world. None of our products include artificial colors, flavorings, sweeteners or preservatives. We’re also 100% vegetarian.