Quarterly Subscription Package - 2 Medium EVOOs

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Quarterly Subscription Package - 2 Medium EVOOs

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Every season, we’ll hand-select two of the newest releases – the freshest ultra-premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils – and send you a bottle of each. That’s 375mL or about 12.5 ounces per bottle with tasting notes, information about the producer, and exciting recipes. Then, every quarter you’ll automatically be shipped the next set of releases.

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This quarter our subscription package contains:

Kalamata -Greece

Country: Greece

Press Date: November 2021

Intensity: Robust


This limited production antioxidant powerhouse took top place in the World’s Healthiest Olive Oil Competition.  Produced from a combination of picking the fruit at an extremely low maturity index (early harvest) and minimal processing, this year’s    Kalamata resulted in a high phenol content and the highest amount of Oleocanthal we have ever seen at  453.2 ppm. With notes of arugula, green tea, apple peel and rose petal, this EVOO is highly astringent with intense pepper on the finish.  


Biophenols: 652.1 ppm  Oleic Acid: 76.7

DAGs: 93.2  FFA: 0.25

Peroxide: 5.7  PPP: <1.0


Arbequina - California

Country: California, USA

Press Date: Nov 2021

Intensity: Mild

The Sacramento Valley produces wonderful Arbequina olives, which helps achieve this well balanced and taste bud pleasing oil.  True to previous productions, it is very well balanced with a creamy green almond center, and notes of delicate grass and apple.  Savory with malty flavors and lingering pungency, this is a wonderful all purpose oil for dipping bread, or as the start of any dish.  We love it over pasta, and for roasting vegetables.


Biophenols: 377.7ppm  Oleic Acid: 68.6

DAGs: 95.6  FFA: 0.16

Peroxide: 4.4  PPP: <1.0